Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Behind the Peoples

It's Spring! I know this to be true because this morning, my children and I heard the unmistakable strains of the CBeebies crew singing their seasonal song, and there was nothing about snow falling or butts freezing - no, a reassuring glance at the TV screen took in tuxedoed boys running through green grass and conducting daffodils out of the ground with waving batons. "Birds get busy, bees get buzzy, bushes and the hedgerow start to get all fuzzy.. do you know it's Springtime, hear it in the windchimes..." I nearly wept.

So, despite the rather less encouraging sight that lay in store outs
ide (think grey skies and drizzle) I decided that it was high time that I cracked out my new Oliver Peoples Chelsea sunglasses. Walking along the High Street, The Bearded One looked, and looked again. "Where on earth did you get them?" he asked incredulously. "Why?" asked I, waiting for a compliment yet bracing myself for an insult. "They look ridiculous! They cover your entire face. Why don't you just wear a helmet with a visor?" he mocked.

Needless to say, a quick glance at his sartorial offering for the day (pretty much head to toe Gap, folks) did nothing to convince me to whip the offending sungl
asses off. In fact, I decided right there and then to keep them on all day, even when indoors, even when cruising the aisles of my Sainsbury's Local for cereal and washing up liquid.

"Hello Superstar Lady!" said the chirpy checkout assistant as I slouched nonchalantly up to the till, muttering something about not needing a bag. "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Nicole Scherzinger? You know, from the Pussycat Dolls?"

God, I love having my entire face covered.


  1. OK, I feel bad now because I compared you to Nicole Pussycat a few weeks ago. But, in my defence, it was meant as a huuuge compliment as I think she's gorgeous. So there!

  2. no no, she is!! that's what I mean - without my face being obscured I'd never get such compliments. I mean, I dunno about her dress sense (slapper, anyone??) but face & bod - yes please!!

  3. Oh I see but actually disagree with you as I made the comparison based on seeing one of your pix on mumsnet and you weren't wearing shades then! Agree totally about her 'style' though. [Mutters old hag style] "I've seen belts longer than her skirts" etc. (By the way this is bunjies, debstar is my google alter ego).