Friday, 14 May 2010

Bonne Anniversaire

I'm a sucker for an anniversary, no matter what it's for. Weddings, birthdays, the time I went here, the first time I met so and so... you get the picture. I have an almost Rain Man-like approach to dates, randomly unnerving The Bearded One with lines like "Just think: this time seven years ago..." He, on the other hand, struggles to remember his own birthday. Fortunately, he's now very good at remembering mine. Note the use of 'now'.

He's also - now - good at coming home from work-trips bearing gifts. But when he went to the States to shoot a doco about the indiscretions of Tiger Woods recently, there was never going to be a lot of time for shopping. Fortunately, I'm a pretty easy-going character (cue riotous and incredulous laughter from anyone who actually knows me) who is just as delighted with a swag of magazines as I would be with a session with (and subsequent purchases from) a personal shopper at Selfridges.

It's slightly frustrating to peruse pages of fashion that's not readily available on these shores so I'm devouring features instead (You give your partner blowjobs to encourage him to do jobs around the house?? Seriously? Time to abandon Glamour and move on to Vanity Fair, I think.) when I come across a Christian Louboutin story. Best quote: "You know, I love it when women say to me, "Oh, I am your biggest customer - I have 15 pairs of your shoes!" I'm like, "Darling, you have no idea." For me, a big customer has to own at least 500 pairs of shoes. But those aren't the biggest customers. Those customers have about 6000 pairs."

Six. Thousand. Pairs. Can you imagine? Among these, apparently, is Danielle Steel - leading me to think that I should ditch this blog and start doing some real (ahem) writing. I mean, I may not be dishing out blow jobs for DIY but I can probably write about someone's thrusting manhood without laughing. Or gagging. Much.

But seriously. Six thousand? I mean, are they all gorgeous? They can't be. The thing I find about CL is that a lot of his shoes aren't actually that nice. Take the purple Forever Tina boots. Isn't there something just a teeny bit Jim Henson about them?

But, dribble, he does come up with some stunners, like the Very Noeud slingbacks. Pure vintage pin-up girl with their oversized bows and pedi-essential peeptoes: it's two years this weekend since I crept excitedly into the Rue de Grenelle boutique in Paris and bought my pair. Not even the slight sneer on the face of the assistant as he asked "Your first Louboutins?" could dull my delight, nor my insistence on The Bearded One photo-documenting the event.

They've been languishing in the wardrobe for a while now, not being the most conducive to pregnancy nor walking in the park with a newborn. But with The Bearded One away for work and my weekend plans for when the children are asleep consisting of playing dress up with pieces new and old, I think that my shoes and I are due a reunion. Happy Anniversary, my beauties.

Louboutin quote taken from Vanity Fair May 2010, shoe pics from, other photos mine.


  1. hi beauty! wow!!! we have quite a bit in common! love your blog and the way you right!!! you SHOULD write a book ;) will be following! mwa x

  2. I could look at those black CL shoes all day! If I had them, I would have taken photos to capture the moment, too. Make your feet look like gift wrapped treasures. Funnily enough I made Richie look at the pink version in a shop window. Even he admired them greatly.